The city of San Diego is continually reinventing itself, its commercial and residential landscape shifting as times change. All the while, the Greater San Diego area continues to expand and grow as more and more people gravitate to this most beautiful of regions. When it comes to buying and selling real estate, San Diego presents challenges that few other markets can match.


At Capital Growth Properties, our brokerage team is uniquely prepared to rise to these challenges.

Our real estate experts have:

  • The experience to know how San Diego real estate has developed over the past three decades.
  • The up-to-date knowledge to understand the trends and market factors that are influencing San Diego real estate right now.
  • The vision to forecast how the San Diego real estate market is likely to unfold in the years to come.

This is just part of what distinguishes our brokerage team from others in the San Diego area.


Capital Growth Properties is not your traditionally competitive agency, but a highly collaborative group of creative, experienced real estate experts working together to serve the best interests of our clients.

  • Consultation
  • Market analysis
  • Comprehensive property research
  • Curb appeal
  • Signage
  • Assistance in solving title problems
  • Assistance with loan process
  • Property inspection and valuation
  • Negotiations
  • Acquisitions
  • Sales
  • Marketing and advertising

When you partner with our brokerage team, you can be rest assured that we will use every resource at our disposal to ensure the success of your real estate transaction. We will listen closely to your goals and advise you honestly and openly of your options. And while we will work tirelessly to complete your transaction in a timely fashion, we will never pressure you to make a decision that we – or you – feel is not in your best interests.

Nothing is more important to us than your overall satisfaction. If you’re not satisfied, then neither are we.

Meet Our Real Estate Brokerage Team
Our real estate brokerage team comprises some of the most
knowledgeable, thoughtful, and skilled professionals in the industry.
We have assembled a group of people that are guided by exceptional principles and a true passion for buying and selling real estate assets. We invite you to learn more about our real estate brokerage team and then contact Capital Growth Properties today for further information about how we can make the most out of your transaction. 

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